Review of The Business Guide for Translators

Marta StelmaszakI’ve just finished reading Marta Stelmaszak’s Business Guide for Translators, which has been on my to-read list ever since its publication was announced. If you don’t know who Marta Stelmaszak is, I can only ask… where have you been the last couple of months? :) A successful English to Polish legal and business translator and interpreter, Marta is also a regular speaker at translation conferences, a popular blogger, a recent London School of Economics graduate and a finalist of the 15 for 2015 competition.

Having attended Marta’s online Business School some time ago, I was very much looking forward to refreshing my memory with a number of concepts she shared throughout her 5 lessons.

The Business Guide did not disappoint. In its 5 parts, Marta takes us from business theories commonly taught in MBAs to more practical advice on how to manage the essential aspects of your business. Being in the middle of a massive brainstorming/planning phase for 2015, I found all parts extremely helpful, from the theory to the application of strategies to our own language industry. Marta even shares interesting articles which come as further illustrations of the content of this guide. Moreover, the book has a more interactive touch, with links to YouTube videos which explore more practical aspects of how to manage projects, write sales letters, send quotes, etc.

I know I am not the only one when I say that the last part, How can you make freelancing work for you, was definitely my favorite one. Ironically enough, Marta hesitated before adding to the content of her book, but I am happy she decided otherwise. This part is the perfect bridge between the sometimes daunting theories and concrete tips to manage your business on a day-to-day basis. Even if everyone has their own way of doing things, I find it always inspiring to see how other people organize their daily activities.

Once again, Marta proves to be extremely resourceful and does not hesitate to share her deep knowledge in business management with her readers. Needless to say that anyone, from people on the verge of becoming freelancers to more seasoned business owners can benefit from this book!

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